How Do We Work?

A New Database - Options Meeting

We meet and discuss the options available to you using an MS Office solution. We explain the synergies, strengths and weaknesses of the options. We will give you an approximate price. There is no charge for this part of the service.

Initial Specification

Having met and discussed requirements and a price, you may like us to proceed to drawing up a specification document; this is usually four to six-page long. Sometimes it helps if you can see what we envisage to be the requirement, so we build a mock-up front-end comprising just tables and forms and a Ribbon Tab which does nothing other than look like the final design. We find that at this point you recognise the nuances of your requirement that have escaped our understanding. Then, there is then a flurry of detailed discussions and emails as the design is hammered out. The document and the mock-up then shuttle back and forth as the system is firmed up. At the end of the process, you understand what we intend to build for you in considerable detail.

Final Specification

The final document will be structured along the following lines...

  1. Requirements - A paragraph stating in broad terms what benefits you want the database to bring
  2. History - Brief narrative of how you arrived at the decision to create an Access database
  3. How Will It Work? - a description of the how data enters the system, is checked, rejected, modified, stored, displayed and reported on
  4. Security provisions for the new system
  5. Back up provision
  6. Quality standards for code
  7. Deliverables - A list of the main tables forms and reports
  8. Response Times - a statement that response times will be less than one second and that the system will be robust and dependable
  9. Our assumptions about your obligations with regard to Data Protection
  10. Concerns - we will list areas where we feel that your expectations may not be met - e.g. your network may be saturated, and response times will likely be more than one second.
  11. Non-Disclosure and Data-Protection assurances
  12. Price, VAT
  13. Terms - invoice to be issued when the system meets the requirements in the specification and has been up and running for at least a month. Payment is expected within 21 days
  14. Copyright - to pass to the client when payment is received in full
  15. Timetable - a set of stages and a delivery date. Usually these are finalised after you have perused the specification
  16. Changes to the Specification - a paragraph explaining that minor and cosmetic changes can be made during the build process, but major changes will require a price revision
  17. Support - a paragraph asserting that we will always fix bugs for free

An Existing Database - iConsultancy

If you have a database where data disappears, or it keeps telling you someone else has changed the data or it responds like a snail and crashes once a week then why not zip up the database and email it to us? We will look at it and give you an opinion about the state of the code and the data model as well as some good advice to stop it crashing. There is no charge for this. (If the database contains sensitive data, don't forget to password protect the zip file). Alternatively, we can remotely access your PC and look at the database under your supervision. You can then demonstrate the problem and we can proffer solutions.


Sometimes you have enough technical competence to solve the day-to-day challenges but you need someone to sit with you and analyse a complex data management problem. We offer a good knowledge of VBA in MS Office and a broad range of experience to demonstrate options or to set you on your way towards a fresh solution. We call this mentoring or one-to-one training.