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Since 1994 ACCESSible IT Limited has specialised in Microsoft Access databases, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and Sql Server database development. We create bespoke, reliable, legal, secure, robust databases and applications using Access, Excel, Word and Outlook for personnel management, absence monitoring, document management, caring services, bulk e-mailing, SMS Messaging, billing, work-in-progress, costing, training timetables and classroom allocation. These systems support clients in central and local government, the engineering and automotive industries as well as commerce and the charitable sector. Our clients are based in Coventry, Warwickshire, West Midlands, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Devon and London. We use TeamViewer to provide remote guidance, support and training.

We offer experienced, sound, commercially unbiased, free of charge advice about trends, issues, bugs and best practice for a proposed or existing Access or SQL Server database - We understand the limits of these products, we can guide you through a project that will not fail.

Microsoft Access Database Design

MS Access is a rapid application development tool for creating relational databases quickly. First published in 1992 , it has become a solid and reliable platform for data management. It has a first rate reporting package as well as the ability to share data with the Office suite and Power Pivot.

The advent of Office 365 and SharePoint has seen new life breathed into the product with the ability to use it for web-databases. See here for details

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Design

VBA is the common feature that allows all the MS Office applications (Excel, Word, Outlook etc) to manipulate and share data. The simplicity of the language means that development time is short - systems can be built in days where other languages take weeks. The current version of the language appeared in 1993, it is a mature and stable programming language.

SQL Server Database Design

SQL Server is now our preferred back-end data store for MS Access because in 2007 full user level security was removed. We specialise in developing robust data models upon which the whole system can rely as the business changes and develops. The history of SQL Server can be read here. Access links into SQL Server so that you can query and report on the data in exactly the same way you would with a 'normal' Access database. Using SQL Server as the back-end means, of course, that you are not limited to a small set of simultaneous users. And, best of all, SQL Server Express is free!

The world moves on!

Much as we like MS Access it is not suited to the world of the internet and so we now have the capability to build state-of-the-art SQL Azure or Cosmos DB databases using a browser as the interface. These databases are fully secured using Azure AD. Communication across the web uses the latest encryption technology and the data is stored in an encrypted state. The bad news is that it takes three times as long to build such databases and there is a revenue cost each year for Azure services. The upside is that you can work wherever there is an internet connection and Microsoft takes care of licensing, updates and all the backups.