Customer's personal information will not be disclosed except in strict compliance with the Data Protection Acts.
Contact details will never be transferred to a third party for marketing or other unwanted purposes.

Data Security

When it is necessary to have client's data on the premises it is always stored on a PC with a strong password, behind a hardware firewall.
The PC is secured to the desk with a thick metal cable and padlock. The premises are protected with an up to date alarm system together with video cameras front and rear.
These provisions are in addition to the usual password security installed on the database.
Whenever we have to send data to a client we use TeamViewer as a secure means of transfering the data.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

When speaking to clients about their system it is our usual practice to protect them by signing a non-disclosure agreement.
We can either use yours or our own; ours is adapted from the example given by the Intellectual Property Office.